E-Travelers Club travel update delve into Bangkok’s phenomenal epicurean hot spots to compile a series of stories on the metropolitan’s amazing scenario on a variety kitchen, which has got us on an independent sweat-detail research – not influenced by award winning guides; to bringing to our audience, the very best of gourmet treats, the flavors across the seven continents served in a spirit of hospitality in a delightful ambiance.

Healthy Thai cuisines, prepared with herbs, natural oil (derived from the ingredients itself) and minimal use of salt has gained popularity as a healthy food culture and visitors, after going through hundreds of reviews, seem at a complete loss on deciding what eatery to choose from manifold variety.
From road side stalls to high-end restaurants at lifestyle hotels, there is a seamless diversity.
Then, there is a choice of recipes from around the world and suppliers assures and guarantee restaurateurs freshest stock.


The first in our series of Bangkok Bites, I remember, over the years, seeing the sign, as I walk past by Sukhumvit Road – one of the Popular districts in Bangkok for the foodie. Not until recently, I got connected with the founder and had the privilege of meeting a friendly, easy going, gentle – family person who seemed to appear in his late 40’s! in one of his restaurants at the prime location of Terminal 21 Shopping Mall (4th Floor overlooking the replica of the Golden Gate Bridge); the Mall is connected with Asok BTS (sky train station).


It was about 11 AM and before the restaurant get busy, we spent good time experiencing first-hand, the dining concept while having a chat with the founder.
While some of the specialty platters on the menu is underway preparation, I scan the restaurant area with my lens and my attention is caught at the dessert corner:
the Carrot Cake, which was so colorfully lying on the plate, looked so yummy, I couldn’t resist trying a bite on it.
We are served a generous portion on each platter on the table with some of the Chef’s recommended treats from the menu:
Santa Fe Salad with margarita storm; American Cowboy Tacos with hot sauce; Classic Chicken Quesadilla and of-course – the classic Sunrise Carrot Cake, which we fully enjoyed over sweet sips of vanilla milk with cinnamon.


Every bite sufficed evidence of the freshest ingredients with a genuine Mexican taste, as if I am being transported to an eatery in Mexico. Mexican Chef: Luis Villa, walk to our table and I learn more about the food preparation philosophy.
The restaurant carefully chooses the supplier of food and ingredients, who adopt sustainable practice. Cooking preparation uses non genetically modified 100% corn products with no additives or preservatives.
Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill offers a 16 hours delivery service in Bangkok.


Sunrise Tacos meet the requirements of being the best independent chain of Mexican Restaurants at eminent locations in Bangkok and is highly recommended for a high quality healthy, authentic Mexican cuisines.


All Photos: Saifuddin Ismailji/ e-Travelers Club travel update


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