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There is a growing awareness to the health benefits of consuming organic food in Thailand. Government authorities allow space at exhibition centers to Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME) to give them better opportunity to introduce and market their organic or natural and innovative products.


Sigma Wanthai company participated at the recently held Food & Hotel Thailand Fair and SME One Exhibition in Bangkok and introduced ‘Lucky Rice’ organic powder drink.
According to the Directors, khun Sasithorn Lertchana and khun Lattharat, they shall be introducing a new hi-protein Smart Drink to hit the shelves of stores by end of this year.
Online orders may be sent to:,
Mobile: +66(0)87-867 7444 fb sigmawanthai

About Germinated Brown Rice Brand LUCKY RICE”
Main ingredient-
1. Red Jusmine Gaba
2. Green Niche Gaba 105
3. Red Glutinous Gaba
4. Chumpare Red Ruby Gaba
5. Germinated Sangyod brown Gaba
6. Rice Berry Gaba
7. Sinlek Gaba
8. Black Gaba
9. Leumpau Glutinous rice cider

Health Benefit:
Antioxidants (gamma-oryzanol) endocrine stimulate hormones, and testosterone in males regularly. They reduce the symptoms of menopause;
slow down cell degeneration and reduce blood sugar for diabetics. Vitamin A helps nourish the eyes as well. Immunization reduces inflammation of the acne and relieves thyroid disease. Antioxidants helps reduce the chance of heart disease, stroke and cancer. B vitamins prevent and relieve symptoms of weakening arms and legs. It also prevents beriberi and helps the nervous system. Vitamin B 2 protects against cancer; Phosphorus helps the growth of bones and teeth.
Calcium makes bones stronger. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body and repair worn parts;
Good fat, no cholesterol. Vitamin A, D, E, K help to keep the body warm;

How to make organic flavor drink
1-2 tea spoon(s) with hot water (4 ounce or 120 ml.) stir finely added other drinks such as coffee hot chocolate soy milk .
Added in any kind of food and drink, enhance flavor for children, adults, sick people and people who need supplement vitamins. Drink while it’s warm.

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