The 5th Edition of Beyond Beauty ASEAN, Bangkok (BBAB) was held from 20 to 22 September, 2018 at hall 5-8 of the IMPACT Arena.

Mark You Calendar: 6th BBAB to be held from 19-21 September, 2019, IMPACT, Bangkok.

The gateway to S.E.Asia Beauty Market, the Show was formally opened with the graceful presence and addressed by Chiruit I. Na Ayuthaya, the President of TCEB (Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau); Claudia Bonfiglioli, the General Manager of Informa – the organizing Company; Loy Joon How, GM IMPACTExhibition, Noh Kwang-il, Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Embassy in Thailand and other dignitories.


With more than 850 exhibitors and 18,000 trade visitors attending the Show, this has been the largest BBAB to-date, the event has grown into an international exhibition of beauty and health products with exhibitors including from Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Taiwan and Thailand. From Europe and the Mid-East new exhibitors marked their presence from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Palestine. Korea covered the largest space with over 150 companies at the exhibition, while ASEAN countries + China had a strong participation.


This year’s edition featured 6 key segments: Beauty & Cosmetics, Hair & Nail, Herbal & Health, OEM & Packaging, Aesthetics & Dermatology and Spa & Wellness.New for 2018 was the Supply Chain Sector. Raw materials, packaging materials, packaging machinery and OEM players exhibited to showcase their products and services.

The Science of skin health is introducing new and innovative products including the use of nano peptide technology. Most Thai based companies like InnOscent Thailand, a high profile exhibitor returning to the BBAB 2018, uses natural ingredients, such as, coconut and flowers to produce high quality products for skin care, including facial cream, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, body scrub and soaps. The InnOscent owner – khun Kusuma is “proud to turn natural coconut into perfect healthy product for your body.” The latest in the product range of InnOscent is the mild baby soap, naurally gentle to soft and delicate skin of a baby.


D’ora beauty care product exhibit first time at the BBAB 2018. D’ora nano boosting Night Cream (rose essential series) is the best selling product with main ingredient: Damask Rose, Rose Oil, Rose Placenta stem Cell, Rose Extract combined with Nano peptide technology.
Rosa damascena so called “Damask Rose” or Bulgarian Rose – the rare essence of this strong scented rose is as precious as liquid gold, considered the ultimate ingredients of vitamins and minerals, which can do wonders to beautifying the skin.
Anti pollution and anti oxidant, the product is a remedy for firming and replenishing wrinkles, brightness, prevent acne and tightens skin pores. Disinfectant property of the oil from the rose can repair the damage skins and rid acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties can cure the inflammatory skin. But more specifically, rose cream and oil used for dry and sensitive skins. You can find the product at Mega-beauty stores of Thailand including Beautrium, Beauty Market, Gourmet Market –Siam Paragon and can be ordered through official line account @ dorabangkok.


Vitistra Innovative Natural Skincare also have products based nano emulsion technology (GSE Revitalizing nano cream).
Natural remedy gaining popularity includes products with base ingredient using snail, spider web, silk-cocoon and root and herbs like ginger, turmeric, butterfly pea flower.


The cocoon contains 18 amino acids, including amino acid sare sericin and fibroin. It is an antioxidant that can instantly absorb water into the skin upto 300 times the normal absorption, moisturizes the skin, stimulate the formation of collagen. It retains moisture and slows down the wrinkling of skin process in old age. It has whitening agent and help skin to clear pores. Arginine and Lysine anti bacterial substances help prevent face skin disease. Cystine help to rid pimples naturally, reduce inflammation of skin, remove dead-skin cells thus reduce pigmentation. After application, the skin tone of the face appears smooth, bright and radiant. The J.T. Company in Chiang Mai has developed products from rare green silk cocoon for treatment of falling hair. Cocoon Shampoo “deeply moisturizes, nourishes and protects dehydrated or sensitized hair without weighing it down. It coats hair fibers, soothes scalps irritated by chemical products and offers a pure moment of relaxation”.
The silk soap and cocoon face scrub is easy to apply for healthy and refreshing face skin. For full product range and detail:


Rakmai displayed a range of premium quality silk protein products including glow whitening silk soap, silk cocoon facial, natural anti-wrinkle oil and more.

Decode best selling anti ageing and whitening cream is made up of imported (Germany) spider web ingredient.


The Ex-Serve Co. Ltd at the show had a miracle product: GingerOne to manage osteoarthritis condition. Gingerone massage cream is extracted from 12 month old Ginger grown in mineral-rich soil. Instantly absorbed when massaged on the knee joint, the result is amazing. A patient walked all day just after one application (with less pain in the joint, otherwise painful after an hour walk.

Anti wrinkle and anti-oxidant products with high Ph need regular use. Korean Pro You Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot cream comes in a sleek cylindrical packing
Panna Skin Care uses natural passion fruit oil as an excellent anti-oxidant for all purpose, face and body.
Emotion Tax Free exhibit BBAB 2018 for the 1st time and introduce its top range product Water Lotion. You can actually see the cream melt into the skin instantly on application.
A similar skin care product from Mamachi, Korea has a high ph product: phytoncide waterdrops cream.


Demand in halal consumption has also inspired manufacturers to cash in and explore the halal marketing corridor. Numerous products now carry the halal tag, including lipstick, soap, shampoo and beauty products. Cream Building cosmetics and beauty products, has a modern research lab with more than 1000 beauty recipes. It’s best seller is the facial cream with base ingredient grape seed, while lip stick and soap products are certified Halal.
La ‘Poon (Natural Soap Base Co., Ltd) is newly founded making organic soap (Silk coconut soap) and beauty products with a halal certification.

Maae Herbal (Thailand) is an award winning company with halal certification making toiletry products and natural soaps.


Hair care takes a bold step into applying laser technology in compact form. The easy to wear head bend (also available in hair brush design) passes Light energy to promote hair growth. See details:
Refreshing fruity and herbal soaps by Asantee Soaps (A.S.P International Herbal Soap Co.; Tai Tier (; A USA Co. (Best seller strawberry Lotion and collagen and tamarind soap

On a more advanced scientific research based products, Marry Me introduced its latest advanced serum for repairing, brightening and rejuvenating the face.
Lana Foot patch is a remedy for bad foot odor, spine degeneration in neck, lower back and arthritis, hormonal imbalance and menstrual disorder (women)


Facial beauty masks are seen in almost every pavilion. From gold, pearl, charcoal, milk, rose to fruity fragrance and aqua collagen mask. It rejuvenates the face skin, helps restore dead cells and revitalize the skin exposed to pollution. More sophisticated mask (from Beauty Player, Taiwan) for extremely transparent cleansing contains more than 1200 far infrared ceramic particles, which protects the skin from premature ageing. For more info on
Koelf (Korea) has a range of high quality hydrogel facial masks including Bulgarian Rose, Gold Royal Jelly, Gold, Black Pearl and Gold.
More search for facial masks: /

The General Manager at CosVie is the inventor to a holistic approach to a cure without having to go through surgery. Modified sodium hyaluronate gel of non animal origin is injected into affected part of the body to heal. The gel reassures “return to Youth”. The treatment includes osteo-arthritis, impotency, facial, and botox.

From Europe, Flos Lek Pharma (from Poland) with its popular Capillaries pro brightening eye cream – introduced Arnica active cooling gel a remedy for pro active athlete and aged bring natural relief to muscles and joints. (
Also form Poland, BiElenda products are 100% natural. Botanic Spa Ritual is the regenerating cream with turmeric base and Peeling Cukrowy (regenerating Scrub) are the Best sellers on the shelf of high-end beauty products.
NutraCosmetic from Germany introduced its best product evoeye: rejuvenate eyelashes, improve the appearance, fullness and thickness of eyelashes.
India’s top perfumers Lyla Blanc joined BBAB 2018, introducing their ever popular products for men and women, including Hott Thunder.
Lonkoom Perfum has its HQ in Guangzhou, China with branches in Dubai and Brazil seek distributor in Thailand.
Other companies with a range of beauty high quality beauty products includes:
Whan-Hom ThaiHerb (064-987 4491), Mama Group (products for pregnant mothers), Marshal International Group (Fragrant wet napkin), the Ease Shp (Korea), Kissa Sleeeping gel, PuroxySkin, Istani Forte, Amazing Grace, Top Face.


In health beverages and health supplement for beauty ad general health, many brands were competing for collagen drinks. Natural coffe in unique flavors, unheard before (like Durian Coffee (, Raewadee herbal and floral tea (

The next year edition of BBAB is announced to be held from 19-21 September, 2019.
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