The name may suggest a French restaurant, but in-fact, this is one of the favorite Thai restaurant with a recipe inspired with Royal Thai cuisines. Located in the basement (one floor down the lobby area) of Gaysorn Village by the exit of Chidlom Skytrain station.
The restaurant ambiance stands out uniquely with the changing of the trees according to the four seasons during the year, and during this time (October), I see the restaurant from the lobby floor, the heart warming autumn hued trees, which attracted me to take the stairs down to check out the menu and indulge into.

Fortunately, the Director happened to be there and I got first hand tips about the restaurant and its culinary philosophy. The name of the Restaurant: Provence comes from the inspiration of a town in the French Riviera with a culture of food and drink under the sunny weather.

The pleasant ambiance with comfortable seating under the canopy of the trees all around the dining area is highlighted with live piano recital.
Taking the Director’s (and the Chef’s) recommendation, I try
Ku-Chai called as Chinese Dumplings stuffed with chives, spinach with flavorsome herbs.
Also popular Fish filet with Thai herbs on the bed of asparagus is served with tomatoes, basil leaves and the all time Thai favorite: Phad Thai (noodles) with shrimps. The signature cake with Thai-Tea concluded an appetizing experience at this agreeable place fit for gourmands craving for creative Thai food.


The signature cuisine here is the Thai boat noodles shop which offers Thai Beef Boat Noodles with premium beef imported from Australia. There are also other authentic Thai dishes you may try, such as Chor Muang, Khao Kriab Pak Mor and sticky mango rice.…/

Photos (c) Saifuddin Ismailji | e-Travelers Club travel update


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