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Nepal and Pakistan friendship is natural and spiritual – higher than the mighty Himalayas  (Nepal and Pakistan) and stronger than the Karakoram mountains (Pakistan). This strength is further enhanced spiritually with the birth place of Buddha at Lumpini (Nepal) and the capital of Gandhara Civilization at Taxila, the place that became the center of Buddhism and pilgrimage.

On the occasion to mark the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of Diiplomatic Relationship between the two countries, the Embassy of Nepal, in collaboration with Islamabad Marriott hotel held (03 April, 2019) a gala evening featuring Nepalese Food Festival with live Nepalese music. Although I have visited Nepal several times, it has been after a long time that I got entertained by Nepalese musicians playing traditional Nepalese instruments like sarangi, murali (flute), Tabla, pakhavaj barrel shaped drum, damphu drum, Tibetan guitar, damaru and gong.

On the buffet a variety of meat included fish, beef and chicken and at the vegetarian section, I tried spinach, lentil and mixed vegetable. Dessert section had jalebi, fruit custard, kheer (rice pudding) and fried sweet tempura. The food tasted more like a fusion Pakistan-Nepal taste. A typical Nepalese food thali (tray) comprises of Dal Bhat Tarkari (lentil soup), thupka (hot noodle soup), vegetable tarkari (curry), served with boiled grain or rice, momo (dumplings) and pratha (round bread). Condiments in small portion can be achar (spicy pickle), poppadom. Carrot cake, kheer and jalebi is on top of dessert menu.

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Nepal-Pakistan Friendship

Representatives of both countries looking forward to better accessibility via direct flights between Pakistan and Nepal. Presently, with no direct flights, the air travel cost sum up too high for people of Pakistan and Nepal to visit each other. Nepal and Pakistan boasts the world’s 20 highest mountains. The Everest is the highest rising 8,848 meters and the K2 – the 2nd highest peak towering 8611 meters.

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  1. A friend of mine went to Nepal a couple months ago and loved it!! Another friend of mine lives in Bhutan, and says it is the most beautiful place on earth (in the Himalayan mountains). Ah! Thank you for this wonderful post! ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes indeed, Nepal is a beautiful mountain destination. When you visit, you may also like to visit Pakistan – a 2nd to next door neighbor. Pakistan has even more multi-dimension mountain scenery: 3 great mountain ranges: the Himalaya, the Karakoram and the Hindukush. Welcome to see my blog:
      Best time to visit:
      Nepal: End of September
      Pakistan: Mid October
      Happy travels.
      Wishing you a blessed 2023

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