SHANDUR POLO – PAKISTAN 07 – 09 JULY, 2019, Shandur Pass, Chitral.



Experience the sensational “King of Sport” Polo played on the world’s highest polo ground at the Shandur pass 3.800 metres (12500 feet); the scenic saddle in the mountainous zone of the KPK province Northwest Pakistan.


Getting there is half the fun. Sweeping vistas along the mountain road exhibit one of the most photogenic mountain scenery on the Earth
Here, you witness Polo played, as in its days of yore, although limited with a set of rules. While the origin of polo wilt in the winds of time beyond recorded history between 600BC and 100AD, then staged in Persia (Iran) with some 100 men on each side and played polo as a part of training before confronting the enemy on the battle ground;
today – the ‘battle’ continues.


But polo has evolved into a more organized and skillful action sport within an arena (270 X 150 meters) between the two teams, each comprising of four mounted player. Each player is equipped with a mallet (a wooden stick), which is used to hit and sweep the polo (meaning the ball) towards the goal.



After 2 nights at the Camps on the top of Shandur Pass, the post-tour will take you deeper into the enchanting valleys of KALASH to explore the indigenous culture and customs of the tribe in black robes : the Kalasha – at their home villages at BIRIR, RAMBUR and MAMORAIT (incorrectly dubbed as Bamburit).


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Photos by: Saifuddin Ismailji


9 thoughts on “SHANDUR POLO – PAKISTAN 07 – 09 JULY, 2019, Shandur Pass, Chitral.

    1. Best time to visit Kalash Valleys could be during one of the festivals like CHILAM JOSHI (look out for the dates in late May 2020).
      When you write about Kalash, please make a point to write the original name of the valleys like Mamorait (and Not Bumborit – which is a corrupted word by some illiterate foreign writer). It is upon us – local writers to ensure preservation of cultures, history and local names.

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