Soneva Jani ranked Nr.1 in the ‘Best World Hotel in the World’ list by BILANZ (Switzerland).

Guardians of places that have existed long before us, our unique vision is inspired by nature’s magnitude, mystery and enchanting beauty. Founded on shared passions and masters of innovation, we are a thriving community working hand in hand with the environment to craft beautiful, beyond bespoke experiences where discovery is a way of life. With our expert hosts as your personal guide, we invite you to explore and delight in the possibility of each moment as time melts away and lose yourself in experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime”. Creators of Soneva Jani: Sonu and Eva.


“With over 3 resorts under their portfolio, Soneva is a collection of ultra-luxury resorts in Thailand and the Maldives where a barefoot philosophy and sustainable living are part of the natural order.

Soneva Fushi also secured a spot in the list with a ranking of no. 35 and 94.2 points closely followed by other leading properties”. (TTM)

SJ Food

All Photos credit (c) Soneva Jani


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