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Located close to Ekamai BTS sky train station in Street 16 – off the main Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok; on my first visit while strolling down the street, with my head up, I noted a building with a clock – as if melting away, and thought of having a quick look into this Italian restaurant. The mood of this cozy place had me fixed to try this cozy place – the next day.

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I got back, though it was after the official lunch hours, and it was very kind that the Chef: signore Florentino Conte welcomed me, with a willingness to prepare me something authentic Italian to please my appetite.

00-@Melting Clock Italian DSC_9783

Although a small restaurant, the layout is masterfully done for maximum relaxation in a classical Italian mien. Adorned with large paintings; while some corners give a rustic appeal the other is done in classical Italian style, overall dimly lit to give an intimate atmosphere – a perfect stage set for couples for a heart to heart whisper over a fusion Italian-Thai culinary experience.

03-c)Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9785

04-c)Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_978405-Almond Cake c)Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9791

The menu with plenty of choice included vegan dishes. On the Chef’s suggestion, I agreed to try, for starter Rockett Salad with a sprinkle of balsamic dressing and black pepper with orange, pomegranate and walnut. Next is the Chef’s favorite Fusilli( beef) Con Rogu – a flavorsome dish with fresh homemade pasta. For the dessert, the delicious Almond Cake with lemon cream is the specialty of the house – something that would temp you to order one more.

The drink-beverage list is extensive and this gastrobar is one of the favorite haunts in town for cocktail fans – thus tones up after eight.

02A-Melting Clock Italian c)Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9771

A must visit for foodies, the menu has, besides Italian-Thai fusion food, including authentic homemade pasta platters like Spaghetti with Vegan Rugout, or seafood like the grilled Passion Tiger Prawn and the house specialty, when ordered a day in advance, Stew Rabbit (for 4-5 people), stew cooked in traditional Southern Italian style, a whole rabbit with steak fries.


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