Bangkok’s high-end lifestyle 5-star abode with a 6-star appeal, the Westin Grande has been my preferred siesta ground over the years and I am back after a long pause in time.
I experience pleasant changes including new culinary concept and renovated Westin Club Lounge and the Japanese restaurant: Kisso.

With the ease of access Airport Link connects (via Makkasan) to MRT Sukhumvit, and Asok BTS sky train terminal, just a stone throw from my comfort zone, located in the heart of the Capital’s shopping, entertainment and business center.

My host showed me to my luxury room. The “Westin Heavenly Bed” defines maximum comfort for an imperturbable siesta. My spacious room on the Executive Club 24th floor comes with a welcoming seasonal fruit-tray on arrival and generously comprises large screen LCD TV, world’s finest tea and coffee, and all the usual 5-star amenities with high eminent toiletry.

01- Heavenly Bed Westin c)Sai Ismailji DSC_0083

WESTIN CLUB c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9942

Across my room, the newly renovated, lavish Westin Club Lounge with a multitude of privileges including late check-out is opened for guests at Executive Club floor (and also for “Platinum Elite” guests) to socialize, and is open all day from 0630 till late in the evenings 2330PM.

Westin Club c)Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_0087

Nicely groomed, friendly hosts extend warm welcome and serve tirelessly with all smile – complimentary tea, coffee, non-alcoholic drinks.

Seasonal Tastes c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9920

The Club Lounge offers freshest, superior quality fruits, salad, cheese, hot food, desserts, and a variety of drinks and beverages during Breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktail hours.

In the following days during my stay, I explore the hotels facilities including the fitness and rooftop pool area; Zest Bar overlooking the Sukhumvit Road, booms with live music in the evening.

Panipa Beauty @Westin c)Sai Ismailji DSC_0051

Panipa Beauty Saloon at the Westin 8th Floor, specialize in hair, nail beauty and wellness treatments. Celebrating 50 Years, Panipa is a trusted name and one of the oldest beauty clinics in Bangkok. https://www.facebook.com/panipahairsalon/

The dining venues highlight the hotels best feature – an ultimate feastivity for gourmands.

00-Kisso Japanese c) DSC_9870

On my first night at the Westin Grande, I try the Kisso Japanese– the best authentic Japanese restaurant in town with a touch of contemporary culinary concept. Tastefully prepared by creative chef under the supervision of connoisseur Ren Morimoto and efficiently served by energetic, friendly hosts, the first platter on my table is the ever popular Shashimi in five kinds: Akami (tuna), Hamachi (yellow tail), Amaebi (sweet prawn), Salmon, Hotate (scallop) and saka (beef). Although the restaurant was nearly full-house, the serving between each course was impressively proficient.

The next dish is charcoal grilled Saka Japan Beef sumibi with carrot, cheese, cabbage and three sauces (sumibi, koma and ponzu).
Then comes the popular Tempura moriwase on a plate dappled with colors and flavors of assorted prawn, crab and vege tempura with tempura sauce, side serving of taro, pumpkin and ginseng root.

Kisso Japanese c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9878

And finally, something to die for, the contemporary Japanese dessert: Wo parfait – a delightful scoop of macha-vanila ice-cream, with topping of red bean paste, rice cake, strawberry, whipped cream and trimmed with chocolate sticks.

Kisso Japanese Westin Bk c)Saifussin Ismailji DSC_9890

00-@Seasonal Tastes Westin Grande Bk DSC_0047

On my past visit, the All-Day Dining restaurant Taste is now Seasonal Tastes on the 7th Floor. This has to be the most indulgent gourmet scene in Bangkok. Definitely, value for money, buffet Breakfast and the buffet lunch and buffet dinner – especially Sea Food and Grill is a foodie’s delight.

Seasonal TASTES Seafood & Grill BufetDinner c)S.I. DSC_0023

Seasonal Tastes c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_0033

The tables are laden with amazing variety of fresh seafood complemented with grilled meat perfectly cooked. There are also international favourites to savour like Italian pasta, Indian and burgers.

Seasonal tastes c)Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_0003

Outside the main restaurant is the Dessert section, teeming with seasonal fruits, cakes, desserts, ice-cream, chocolate fountain and the irresistible home-made chocolates.

For a chocolate person, this is the place to get addicted to intense chocolates and chocolate cakes. Similar selection of chocolates is also catered at the Club Lounge.

Seasonal Tastes c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9921

Seasonal Tastes c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_0037

Seasonal Tastes c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9907

Health drinks, soft drinks and beverages is also included in the buffet.
It will be unwise to name a few of the serving hosts – it is so visible that everyone is engrossed with the passion to serve unstintingly and even striking up a welcoming conversation – a quality which is seen at a decline with the incoming new breed in hospitality.

Seasonal Tastes Seafood & Grill dinner c) Saifuddin Ismailji DSC_9915

My stay over the weekend coincided with the Rooftop Pool Party – a popular festive occasion that goes around at some of the other hotels in Bangkok – but the one here is unanimously rated among the best Pool Parties after dark in the Capital.

It has been a short stay over three nights – too little a time in bliss and to explore the cultural aspect of Bangkok in the near surrounds of the Westin Grande. Life permits, there will be another occasion to revive the feel and the tastes of this home away from home.

00-KISSO Japanese @Westin Bk DSC_9939

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  1. I agree totally. The Westin Grande is a great choice for anyone visiting Bangkok for business, pleasure or both. The location, facilities, staff in the club lounge, and the lounge itself are the main attractions for me. Diner at Kisso looks amazing. I will try it next time. Wonderful review! I

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