Words & Pictures (CR) Saifuddin Ismailji (Founder: e-Travelers Club travel/ lifestyle update)

AYUB PARK has added a yet another precious gem in the crown of its thematic, multifaceted conceptions to astonish visitors, to wander the natural trails, indulge in Pakistan’s heritage, admire the work of artists and designers in the creations that splash a rainbow of colors, and in the meanwhile, indulge into pleasurable activities at entertainment and food locale – all within the premises of the Park.

The Grand Opening ceremony of Miracle Garden, which transforms into Glowing Garden after sunset, was ordained on Friday 27 March, 2021, with a humble, small gathering of VIP’s, following SOP’s, while the Park remained closed to public due to the rising concern over the 3rd wave of COVID-19.

The opening ceremony kicked off with ribbon cutting by the impressive gate at 17:45 and was graced by the honorable Chief of Guest: QMG General Amir Abbas, hosted by Ayub Park’s DG Brigadier (R) Muhammad Asif Akhtar and the team and along with a few guests including dignitaries.

After a firsthand walk-through introduction of the Garden, it was time for gala dinner & BBQ evening, discerningly catered by the Junglee Barracks kitchen and Timber Café (the only organic restaurant by Lake-2 in the Park).

Invitees were then escorted on the Park’s electric buggy and train, back to the Garden with an amazingly different expression at night, presenting the thematic Glowing Garden.

Since the appointment of the present DG at Ayub Park, his creative vision in the development of the Park with a concern to provide recreational facility to local as well as national and international visitors; the Park is transforming into a World Class City Park. The Park features: Accommodation at the Jungle Barracks, Museums (Army Museum and Heritage Museum) and Thematic Segments: Vintage Park, Jungle World and the Zoo, Food Court, Snake House, Four Lakes and the new highlight: Miracle Garden. The opening of Miracle Garden has uplift the Park’s character, taking a transformation of the Design Park, unseen in Pakistan.

The designer: Mrs Rabia Iftikhar Raheel, founder of Biaa’s Interior (www.biaasinterior.com), had proposed the idea after her visit to and being inspired by Dubai’s Miracle Garden, which was adopted by Ayub Park.

The dream project became to be realized and completed in a short period for timely opening at the right time of spring in full bloom. Behind the idea, meticulous work by the whole team, in particularly the horticulture department at Ayub Park, is the result of this marvel creation; the entire area of the Garden lay afloat with thousands of spring flowers from the point of entry: the impressively designed gate, through to the walk way via the impressively decorated Baradari to the end of the Garden edged by the lake.

Among the audience, some who have had visited Miracle Garden in Dubai, praised the Miracle Garden at Ayub Park for its natural surrounding by the lake area.

Ayub Park has become a Resort in itself for visitors to stay overnight or spend a weekend, and indulge into nature, entertainment and culinary delight.

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