French speaking Foreign Missions in Islamabad (France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada) hosted a colorful cultural evening at the Alliance Francaise (Islamabad) to celebrate the International Francophonie Day.

Francophonie is the global community of French speaking people. French is the 5th most popular and widely spoken language in the world. Formed in 1970, the motto of Francophonie is:  égalité (equality), complémentarité (Complementarity), solidarité (solidarity). The aim of Francophonie Pakistan is to raise awareness of the diversity of the organization and bring on one platform the learners and lovers of French language in Pakistan.

I am at the Alliance Francaise, Islamabad.

Spring is in the air and the stalls set up in the outdoor garden of Alliance Francaise offered lip smacking flavors with a variety of sandwiches, desserts and beverages. The delicious chocolate mousse, brownie and potato cutlet at Swiss Stall; France stall catered for typical French quiche, tart and creamy cakes; Canada stall treated guests with special beef sandwich pasted with mustard and at the Belgium, French fries, sandwiches – each offered a variety of drinks.

Switzerland Embassy – Refreshment/ Info stall. Photo By: Saifuddin Ismailji

At the Switzerland stall, guests win a cap after correctly answering to a question. Having visited Switzerland many times since 2000 (and other countries in Europe including France, and Belgium), I answered the question with ease: How many languages are spoken in Switzerland. My correct answer: Main four languages being

-French – About 1.5 million (22.7%) of the Swiss population speak French language, mainly in the cantons of Geneva, Jura, Vaud, Neuchatel and parts of Bern, Fribourg and Valais.

German – Official language of 17 cantons (including Zurich) and some villages of Valais.

Italian – Official Italian language is widely spoken in the South-eastern part of Switzerland, the canton of Ticino and towns neighboring Italian border, including Gondo valley in Valais and Graubünden.

Romansh – the fourth language is spoken in the canton of Grisons (Graubünden). Once the National Language of Switzerland, Romansh has nothing to do with Roman dialect, but it is divided into five regional dialect groups: Sursilvan, Vallader, Pueter, Surmiran, and Sutsilvan.

There is also a variant of Swiss-German language spoken in Zurich.

A group of performers from National University of Modern Languages staged learning of pronunciations of vowels in French language. The evening is lined up with talented musicians, singers, performance reciting French songs and local classical music and cultural dance – in harmony through a fusion of cultures.

Content & Photography (except marked with credit line):

Saifuddin Ismailj, Founder e-Travelers Club travel update (International)



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