The blacknose-sheep of Valaisan valleys Gornergrat, Valais

(c) Gornergrat Bahn

The blacknose-sheep of Valaisan valleys

Access from Zermatt to Gornergrat via the Gornergrat Bahn (Cog-wheel railway)

You can have close encounter with the regions native blacknose sheep, distinct with spiralled horns, black face and ears and thick white woolly coat grazing on the green pastures around Gornergrat, above Zermatt, with abundant of flora and fauna.

With the GPS signal on the map, the guide herding the flock of these unique sheep will tell you about life on highland pastures.

The Guided Tour (every Wednesdays and Saturdays): ‘Meet the Sheep themed trails’ is open during the Summer months. Between 25 June and 10 September, about 120 blacknose sheep will be grazing in their natural habitat around Gornergrat pastureland and while you take a guided walk tour with a certified guide, you have a chance to win a weekend in Zermatt. Capture your experience on the lens, pet the sheep and feed them with ‘Giakk’- a tasty treat for sheep.

Bed-down: Peak Experience

3100 Kulm Hotel Gornergrat is the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps. While some of the rooms with a picture-postcard view of Matterhorn peak (4,478m) is a delightful feast for the eyes; other rooms offer vistas surrounding mountains including Monte Rosa and Dufour peaks (4634m, highest peak in Switzerland). A saddle above the hotel is a vintage point for a panoramic view of more than a dozen Valaisan Alps.

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Words & Pictures (Unless otherwise mentioned a line of credit): Saifuddin Ismailji

Founder: e-Travelers Club travel update


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