BOOK REVIEW – A Knowledge-based analysis on Gloal Business into the next horizon and beyond

Fast Future

The UK based publishers: Fast Future has produced reading material with an inspiring insight, compiled by engaging future thinkers, foresight researchers from around the world, drawing up a road map to help executives, leaders, decision makers in developing a vision in the process of decision making and to meet the challenges as the new world is clasp on an unprecedented speedy change in technology. Worth consulting, some of the books in the treasure trove of Futurescape book series:

  • Beyond Genuine Stupidity
  • A Very Human Future
  • The Future Reinvented
  • The Future of Business
  • Aftershocks and Opportunities I & 2

A set of these book help develop a vision into critical emerging issues which arises from rapid pace of change in artificial Intelligence (AI). The types of AI and its future determinants and consequences. How the Super AI may become a cause wiping out the humans from the face of the earth! What is the future of human labor and workforce?  Explore how new ideas enabled by emerging technologies are straining the traditional social and cultural fabric. What does the future hold for the values in life?

The series of Futurescape books uses knowledge as power – an insight that “protecting what’s human is the key to retaining our dominance over future technological progress”.


Synopsis: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future

An Opportunity for Fresh Perspectives

While the world grapples with the current unfolding crisis, as futurists we know how important it is to also be thinking about the next horizon and beyond.

Future insights might help us spot, train for, and adapt to the new opportunities, risks, and challenges that could arise as a post-pandemic world unfolds.

A Global Collaboration

In response to the need for future perspectives, Fast Future wanted to create this fast track book, which draws on the expertise, insight, ambition, and vision of twenty-five future thinkers from around the world. The goal is to provide individuals, leaders, and organizations with foresight, insight, challenge, visionary thinking, and navigational guidance on what lies ahead.

Scenarios for A Post-Pandemic Future

As many have said, a crisis is an ideal time to reset our thinking, refocus our strategies and policies, and try new ideas designed to lay the foundation for the next the future and what comes after that. A future that the authors believe can be fairer, more inclusive, more transparent, and more sustainable for all.

Four Core Themes

The ideas in this book are presented as an exploration of possible scenarios and development paths across four key domains that should be of interest politicians, business leaders, civil society activitiesm the ordinary citizens of this planet:

Critical shifts 

Exploring the developments taking place across every aspect of our collective thinking as a result of the pandemic experience.

Society and Social Policy 

Examining the implications and opportunities for the fabric and infrastructure of society as we look to tackle both the existing persistent challenges and the new ones that have arisen through the crisis, framing an agenda for “new normal”.

Government and Economy 

Assessing how governments are and should be grappling with the challenges and consequences of balancing health and economic protection and recovery during and post-pandemic.

Business and Technology 

Outlining the possible implications, opportunities, and choices for business and our use of technology.

Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon 

A provocative, challenging, and inspiring book in which 37 world-class futurists, analysts, subject matter experts, and strategists explore the issues and opportunities that could arise in our post-pandemic world in a range of fiction and non-fiction chapters.

Authors from as far and wide as the UK, USA, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Greenland, Kenya, and the UAE explore critical ‘future defining’ themes including exponential advances in science and technology, societal change, medical breakthroughs, economic volatility, and shifts in geopolitical power. How might these play out, and what impact could they have on our lives?

A wide variety of ideas, scenarios, and possible future paths are covered in a broad mix of topics that range from food sovereignty, retirement, the rise of the crypto economy, China-US relations, and leadership skills, through to physical wellbeing, education, insurance, and urban mobility. Essential reading for anyone shaping political, economic, or business decisions, this book will help individuals plan for a sustainable future and increase their resilience against future risks.

Seven Central Themes

Following the opening chapter which explores some of the critical shifts and disruptions shaping the next five to ten years, the book is divided into seven sections. Our hope is that they will provide insight, perspective, and the motivation to act for citizens, civil society, businesses, and governments across the globe:

Economics and Business, The Global Operating Environment, Regional and National Futures, Society and Lifestyles, Sectoral Futures, Innovation & Technology, and


Future Frameworks—the book concludes with three practical frameworks that can act as reference guides and checklists. These explore a diverse range of emerging opportunities and risks and lay out a timeline of critical technologies that could enter the commercial environment in the next one to ten years and beyond. This section also provides a closing set of critical questions for individuals, civil society leaders, businesses, investors, and governments as we seek to plan our individual, societal, and organizational futures.

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Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon

Review Compiled by:

Saifuddin Ismailji – Founder: e-Travelers Club travel/ lifestyle update


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