37884660_10214922029858388_1361572562034753536_oThe Annual “Bangkok Beauty Show”, co-located with “K Beauty Expo Bangkok 2018”
Was held from 12 – 14 July, 2018 at the BITEC (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center), Bangkok, Thailand.
The exhibition site (5,480㎡) with 250 Exhibitors from more than 10 countries with majority from South Korea and Thailand, which offered global perspective on emerging trends, visited by 3,000 Buyers, media and local visitors.
Organized by Bangkok Beauty Show Organizing Committee, the show exhibited Cosmetics, hair, nail, and health products suppliers and manufacturers.
Visitors and Buyer comprised Traders, Distributors, Retailers, OEM/ODM Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Importers and Exporters.

Speakers at seminars share and educate participants on innovation and technology.
The show opened with a dance performance followed by welcoming address by the TCEB Vice President and Chang-Yeol Lim, the president of the Korea International Exhibition Centre – the organiser of K-Beauty Expo, the biggest showcase of beauty products, technology and cosmetics in Korea.
The last day at the Exhibition, visitors had an option to attend the finale: Miss Grand Thailand, organized by:

Some of the exhibitors from Thailand included ISPA, a new company, introducing its skin care products, making a debut entry into the world of Beauty;
Punlarn exhibited its products with a philosophy that “True Beauty comes in the most Natural forms” Heritage Thai Herb Enterprise Co. ICVeX.
South Korea had the largest exhibiting companies including Eyecandy Cosmetics (introducing its best selling fancy hair brush product)
Inkoor (Korean products rep in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) innovative beauty products, including new electric eyeliner and high quality best selling Mamachi “the resemblance” a phytoncide water drops cream.
Only a few exhibitors from Japan included Snowgirl
And there were exhibitors from China, Taiwan and Asia-Pacifc countries.


Thailand’s beauty and personal care product market was valued at about $4.36 billion in 2016 (up 6.5% as in 2015). Thailand’s beauty and personal care market is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Aggressive competition calls for an marketing challenges to manufacturers, distributors and sellers to meet consumer demand and ensuring satisfaction. New product launches with additional benefits, interesting claims and limited collections were key weapons in the competition, aiming to drive the sales performance.

According to reports, “skincare products were valued at $1.98 billion (45.4% of the market); 83% of revenue came from facial-care products. Hair products were valued at $822 million (18.8% of the market). Makeup products were valued at 595 million (13.6% of the market). Makeup showed the fastest growth, with an increase of 7% over 2015. Men’s grooming products registered a robust growth of 8% to reach $373 million. Thai parents of the upper and middle-income groups also looked for good quality baby and child-specific products.


Among ASEAN countries, Thailand is the no.1 OEM cosmetics manufacturer for international cosmetics brands. Thai OEM cosmetics manufacturers are capable of producing premium quality products. According to the Thai Cosmetic Cluster, there are 762 cosmetics manufacturing plants (520 are SMEs). The majority of cosmetic ingredients are imported. Local manufacturers regard the U.S. and European countries (e.g. Germany, Italy, and Switzerland) to be the leaders in producing innovative active ingredients for cosmetics, followed by Japan and South Korea, respectively.
Thailand – Personal Care and Beauty Products – Total Market Size
2014 2015 2016 2017 (Estimated)
Total Local Production 4,285 4,897 4,864 5,041
Total Exports 2,044 2,408 1,877 2,064
Total Imports 1,145 1,258 1,378 1,447
Imports from the US
179 179 174 182
Total Market Size 3,386 3,747 4,365 4,424
Exchange Rates 32.48 34.29 35.28 35.28
$US Millions (total market size = (total local production + imports) – exports)

Leading Sub-Sector
• Anti-aging facial & eye treatment
• Whitening facial & body skincare
• Baby and child-specific products
• Premium sunscreen
• Hair restoration & treatment
• Men’s grooming
• Organic beauty products
• Anti-aging cosmeceuticals
• Makeup and color cosmetics
• Innovative beauty & wellness products

Anti-aging and skin whitening products in both higher and lower ends of the quality spectrum continue to have a strong presence in the Thai market. The use of anti-aging products has become common among both male and female consumers.

The increasing demand for men’s grooming products appears to be trending upwards with plenty of room for growth within this market niche. Male-specific products will be in demand, as more men are likely to switch from standard baseline grooming products to specific grooming product lines for men.

Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore, will be the largest consumer of cosmetic chemicals in the near future. Thailand currently imports approximately 20% of personal care ingredients from the U.S.

Web Resources
Cosmetic Control Group,
Food and Drug Administration,
Ministry of Public Health
Thai Cosmetic Manufacturing Association


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