Waterfall District – Kanchanaburi. Thailand

Land with Garden House for sale – Ideal to Develop a Resort near riverside.
The house, with title deed, located on the Khwae Yai River, area 21-1-10
rai, Wang Dong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province. It
has an area in front of the river 155 meters, 400 meters deep.
Beautiful land with mountain and river views, high bank, suitable for resort
building. and boutique hotels or as a vacation home by the water. Ready
to make an orchard.
Land near the community (2 km), restaurants, coffee shops (3-5 km),
police station (5 km), military hospital (8 km), market fair (8 km).

  1. Land germinated outside the title deed beyond the boundary of the
    pin to the front of the river, approximately 4 rai, usable
  2. 2 storey house, ground floor completed in 2019 / upstairs completed
    in 2010 and renovated in 2019, total 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a
    maid’s bedroom. 6 air conditioners, total usable area 421 sq.m., ready
    to move in.
  1. Worker’s house or meditation house, 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom,
    usable area 36 sq.m.
  1. 191 8-year-old teak trees, valued at approximately Baht 1,910,000.
  2. Siamese Rosewood, restricted wooden, 8 years old, 15 trees, worth
    about Baht 150,000
  3. Fruit trees in the garden that bear fruit all year round or other valuable
    trees: 27 mangos (Ok-Rong, Num Dok Mai See Thong, Rad, Keaw
    Sawoey) / 9 sweet young coconuts / 15 sweet papaya trees / 4 guava
    trees / 1 durian tree / 2 jackfruit trees / 4 pomelo trees / rambutan 2
    trees / 1 Marian Plum tree / 1 mangosteen tree / 3 lemon trees / 2 Kaffir
    lime trees / 1 Indian gooseberry tree / 1 Ta-ling Pling (bilimbi) tree / 1
    Carandas-plum tree / 1 star fruit tree / 9 Frangipani trees / 20 Lady
    palm trees Total value about Baht150,000.
  4. The owner invested in the electric pole with a personal transformer 30
    KVA and a meter 30/100 amp from the main entrance to the house in
    2019 to make the power system stable and prevent power outage.
  5. Parking for 3 cars, automatic steel doors.
  6. Fiberglass swimming pool for elderly, size 2.7 m x 7 m.
    10.There is a water filter room and water pump, reverse osmosis filtered
    water system.
    11.Storage room
    Contact: Khun Pui at 063-597-9947 or email: ppejrprim@gmail.com
    More photos available

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